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Psychic Ravenswood, WV

I have been able to help many people. I like to connect people with each other, but especially with themselves and with the upper world. As a little girl I sensed a lot, saw events before they became known and had prophetic dreams. Around the age of twenty-eight my spiritual quest began. From developmental courses to registered healing courses. Lots of reading and doing. And yet I kept looking for 'something' higher than myself. I was mainly looking outside myself. Satisfaction, meaning, answers, signs, proof, balance.

"Sometimes what you're looking for is just around the corner."

I did indeed find "it. People sometimes say, "All the answers are inside yourself." And that is so true! We also work in Gary and Hillsboro.

The trainings gave me tools, but the answers were in the life lessons. And I have had many. Depression, divorce and deep grief were the most intense. I learned to make the connection between body and mind. I learned to listen to myself better. To feel and to act accordingly. I now know that everything is energy. Nothing just happens. That has made me who I am today.

It is my mission to help you when you can't find the answer to your question or when you are stuck in a situation. That is why I am here for you. As a Medium and Psychic I connect with your unique energy, guides and loved ones to give you the answers to your life questions. Any contaminated energy lines that you may have with persons and events from your past, I cleanse through a Trance Healing. This often gives you an immediate feeling of peace and space within yourself.

Everything you have ever experienced is stored in your cellular memory, in every cell of your body. This radiates into your energy field or aura and I tune in to that.

I also receive information and messages through my and your guides. These are images, words and feelings. It is up to me to interpret this well and pass it on to you. During a consultation I will support you by giving answers to your questions about work, relationships, health or deceased loved ones.

My mission is accomplished when you leave with a good feeling.