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Movies and series often portray tarot and its use in a rather floaty light. It is often associated with predicting the future. But that is not what these cards are used for. The origins of tarot are not entirely clear. Some say it originated in India, while others say it originated in Italy. What is clear, however, is that the card game first appeared in European documents as early as the thirteenth century, and that the most famous tarot cards date back to the fifteenth century.

But what exactly is it? It is often described as a deck of cards used for card-laying and divination. "Laying tarot cards can be thought of as a way of using symbol cards to gain insight into many aspects of daily life. You can use the tarot if you want insight on issues related to love, work, consciousness or your own development," the description reads. We also do tarot reading in Rowlesburg and Glen Fork.

So how does it actually work? There are all sorts of different images on the cards, which can have completely different meanings for each person. These images on the cards trigger the subconscious mind. Do you struggle for example with insecurities or doubts? Then this feeling can be triggered when you see a certain card. Because of this you are, as it were, confronted with yourself through the card, so that you can in fact answer your question yourself - from your subconscious.

Tarot is therefore often compared to the Rorschach test in psychology. In this inkblot test, spots are shown to the client that evoke a certain feeling or association. The technique is based on the human tendency to project emotions onto objects or shapes. Everyone will see a different image, due to the experiences he or she has been through. And based on this feeling, the psychologist tries to understand and explain the client's actions or emotions.

This works basically the same with the tarot cards, because there, too, each individual interprets a card differently because of his or her life experiences. The cards can help gain insight, but do not count as a guide for your life. This is stressed by many, considering it is very important that you remain responsible for your own life and do not hang the choices you make on the card set.