Authentic Psychic Readings – How To Find Out If A Psychic Is A Good One Before Making An Appointment

If you want to make sure that you get accurate psychic readings from a psychic, there are certain credentials you can look for. Most people outside of the psychic profession do not know there are credentials you need to look for. With many years experience as a professional psychic, I am going to share with you some “insider credentials ” for finding the best psychic.

Finding The Best Psychic

With all of the different psychics and psychic phone lines on the internet, how can you know if a psychic is good or not, before paying him or her your hard earned money for a reading? How do you minimize the chances of feeling like it was disappointing, after it is over? Are there things to look for that will lessen the chances of choosing a beginner psychic, or one that is not very good? Well, the answer is a definite ”yes there things you look for.”

If you will make sure that the psychic you choose meets these few simple credentials, you can almost be assured that you will get accurate psychic readings from a psychic who is very good!

5 Credentials To Look For When Choosing A Psychic

Here are the credentials that should always looked for. If you can find a psychic who has all of them, then you have found an excellent psychic. 

1. A good psychic should have some kind of guarantee, wouldn’t you would think? 

Such as, “After a reasonable amount of time,  if you are not satisfied with your reading, that you can end the session without any cost to you?” 10 minutes is a more than a fair period of time that should be offered in a guarantee. If within the first 10 minutes you do not say anything to stop the reading, then the reading would just continue on.

2. Do they have their own web site? 

A successful psychic will have their own web site. Why? Because a web site costs a lot of money to have built, so only an established psychic would put their hard earned money into having one built for them. Also, make sure the site does not look “home made”. That could be a sign that they threw it together themselves, in which case, anyone could put together a site like that – accurate or not. Remember, psychics only become successful by being highly accurate.

3. Search the internet to see if they have anything written about them. 

Remember, there are always going to be negative things written about every psychic on the internet. Even the best psychic cannot please all the people, all the time, and some people write negative things about psychics just to be mean. Simply check to make sure there are more good things written, than bad things.

4. Does the psychic have any newspaper or magazine articles written about them? 

This is a very good sign of an excellent psychic, because the media only writes about psychics who are news worthy. Psychics who are not accurate, are not written about.

5, Has the psychic ever been on TV shows, the news, or on the radio? 

The more well-known the show(s) the psychic has appeared, the better the psychic is going to be. Talk shows, psychic crime solving shows, news interviews on local news stations, and even many radio appearances, are all excellent signs of an accurate psychic.

If a psychic meets all of these credentials, you will almost be guaranteed to get accurate psychic readings, time and time again.

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