Authentic Psychic Readings – Do Curses Really Exist?

It can be a great source of comfort and relief in a person’s life to get authentic psychic readings. That’s why when you find a good psychic who can give authentic psychic readings there is nothing better than having access to that psychic.

There are lots of times however, the unknowing person seeking authentic psychic readings, ends up getting fooled by charlatans. These charlatans go by another name – they’re also known Gypsies!

How The Gypsy Con Works

A sign on a street corner advertising a psychic is a sign for you run the other way. Remember, professional psychics do not have signs out front and there is NO EXCEPTION to this rule! Charlatans are the only ones who use neon signs. This is true with no exceptions! Authentic psychic readings do not involve neon signs.

Most people do not realize this, so they are lured into the offices of these fake psychics for their supposedly authentic psychic readings, due to the low prices that are charged. The moment you enter, you are in the hands of a very skilled con artist, who knows how to get your money.

What You Will Be Told!

The Gypsy will begin by coming up with a fake psychic reading to find the reason for your visit. Next, depending on how gullible you are, you will be told that a curse is causing all of your problems, and that he or she can burn candles for you to remove this curse. But these candles cost about $1.00 each, and they will need two hundred of them. That’s the start of it!

This will continue, as the Gypsy tries to convince you that she can be trusted. The cost of each visit becomes more expensive than the last one. Before you know it, you have already spent a small fortune!

Are Curses Real?

I believe that curses are for real, but in America, spells and curses are not part of our culture, I think it’s unlikely that a person would have a curse on them. It could be possible if you lived in an area like New Orleans, where Voodoo is part of the culture, but other than that, it seems farfetched!

Authentic Psychic Readings Are Not About Telling You a Curse Is On Your Family!

These gypsies still succeed in getting thousands of dollars out of people in America, who are willing to believe that they are cursed! They are willing to accept what they are told from what they believe to be authentic psychic readings.

Things to Remember

Authentic psychic readings are not to be seen as quick fixes for your problems! They can give you useful insights, and guide you, but you still need to do the work! While in the short term, authentic psychic readings cost more, in the long term, they save you lots of money – and heartache and are very helpful.

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2 Responses to Authentic Psychic Readings – Do Curses Really Exist?

  1. amar says:

    more than happy to pay a fair fee

    I need to know everything about this naqsh from the correct method of making the naqsh n what r the benefits of the talisman when prepared correctly

    this what i know about the talisman when written as shown below with each number having there own box with black ink n onto plain white paper with a bit of attar on the number 20211 when burning 40 talisman the person who burns these naqsh gets a energy boost n it destroy any evil jinn which may be attacking the talisman also creates jinns

    please shed some light

    i have been told if the talisman is made in speacial way n burnt it can make a person very rich n powerful it can also send magic back to where it as come from

    here is the talisman

    surah al-jinn

    20212 20207 20214
    20213 20211 20209
    20208 20215 20210

    thank u for ur time look forward to ur reply

  2. mariette says:

    How do I know a psychic is a real psychic?

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